Mobile Phones – It would be very much appreciated if all mobiles phones could either be put on flight mode or switched off during services. When left on, even if on ’silent/standby’, they interfere with the sound system.




Most Thursdays
8:00am   – Holy Communion (BCP) (approx 40 mins)



08:00 - Holy Communion (BCP)  (approx 40 mins)
09:30am – Parish Communion  (approx 60 mins)

At times our regular services may change, please see our service calendar page for up-to-date information

First Sunday of the month (except Summer holidays)

11:15 Informal Family Service  (approx 40 mins)


8.00am Holy Communion
A 40 minute said service with sermon, according to the Book of Common Prayer.

09:30 Parish Communion

This  approximately one hour service consists of prayer,  four hymns , a sermon, and Holy Communion for those who wish to take it, alternatively you can come forward for a blessing or stay seated according to your wish.

Periodically we will have a family service at this time which is less formal, or a baptism service which is shorter and does not include Holy Communion. Please see our service calendar page for up-to-date information.